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Child Counseling Specializing In 

Psychotherapy For Women, Children & Families

CareFully's Focus

Play Therapy and Sand Tray Therapy For Children In Marble Falls, Austin, Burnet and Granite Shoals

Play Therapy

A specialized area of practice for working with children.  The language of children is often defined through their play.  Play Therapy meets a child where they are comfortable using a language they understand.  

Parent Coaching and Therapy at Carefully Counseling in Marble Falls, Granite Shoals, Burnet, Lano and Austin

Parent Coaching and Therapy

As a parent myself, I understand the ups and downs of raising children.  I do not have a magic wand, or believe that I am a superior parent to others.   I have been blessed to have formal training in a variety of parenting styles.  Parenting sessions involve a collaboration between the therapist and clients, with the goal of improving effective parenting and communication.    

Resources & Community


Events, Groups, Support, Family, & More

Child and Family Counseling in Marble Falls, Granite Shoals, Austin, Llano and Burnet

Additional Support In The Marble Falls Area

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